Why Attend?

FWD50 asks one fundamental question: How do we use technology to make society better for all? Since 2017, thousands of public servants, innovators, academics, and civic organizers from over 30 countries have gathered to craft a response.

  • For those working for change, FWD50 is a chance to know they aren’t alone, and to learn new skills and technologies they can put to work immediately.
  • For our industry partners, FWD50 delivers a trusted platform for their executives, breakouts to showcase their innovation, and workshops where they demonstrate real value to public servants.
  • For academics, agitators, and front-line workers, the conference is a chance to share hard-won lessons and collaborate with peers across the country and around the world.

Join us for our 5th edition. We look forward to adding your voice to that of the many countries and organizations charting a course for digital government in the modern era.

FWD50 2021 will be a hybrid event, with online and in-person options for both speakers and attendees, allowing us safe interaction and a global audience while we add new things that virtual models have made possible.

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