Robert Butler (Host, Workshop Track)

Engagement Officer, Enterprise Strategy and Engagement

Enterprise Transformation, Shared Services Canada

Rob has decades of experience leading small- and large-scale events and overseeing planning and logistics in both Government and private sectors in Canada and abroad. He has been the UX designer for in-person and virtual events for the Government of Canada, Walt Disney Motion Pictures, Tui Travel under Student City, and DNA Live. His in-depth knowledge of utilizing different technologies to create immersive event experiences through sound, light, virtual, staging, interactivity, and creativity has been instrumental when pivoting to virtual events. He is currently exploring emerging technologies to bridge the gap between non-accessible and accessible events. The goal is to come up with a cost-effective way to host events for everyone.

In his outreach role, you would know Rob as a collaborator at all levels. He is an aggressive silo smasher and a believer in supporting other colleagues’ projects. He does this by helping to co-create, design, and connect people working in similar spaces. Mapping the Government of Canada and connecting people and ideas are considerable strengths and passions of his. He uses his multimedia background to elevate his live in-person event management responsibilities as a vehicle for outreach and engagement in the virtual world to create meaningful connections. Experience is everything for him, especially if it can be inclusive.

@LeadersGC – collaborator and multimedia specialist @OneTeamGovVT – Part of the virtual team hosting events weekly who facilitate domestic and international conversations with other OTG chapters in Australia, the UK, the EU, and Canada.

Policy Community Partnership Office, The HR Council, DigiEnablement (TBS-OCIO)


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