Michèle Mullen

Director General, Partnerships and Risk Mitigation (PRM)

Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Michèle is the Director General of Partnerships and Risk Mitigation at the​ ​Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. The Partnerships and Risk Mitigation directorate is responsible for providing IT security advice, guidance and services to Canadian critical infrastructure organizations and for advancing collaborative relationships with private industry to strengthen cyber security practices in Canada.

Michèle was previously appointed Director of the Canadian Special Liaison Office in Washington DC in April 2015. She represented the Communications Security Establishment as the Senior Canadian at the National Security Agency andUS Cyber Command. She also represented CSE at the Embassy of Canada as an integral part of the Canadian Security & Intelligence Community abroad and represented Canada’s cryptologic mission with the US Intelligence Community.

Before CSE, Michèle spent eight years consulting as an IT executive in the private sector. She began her career as an officer in the Canadian Forces and was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) in 1999.

Michèle graduated from Royal Roads Military College (RRMC) with honors, and has also undertaken post-graduate studies in Business Technology at Boston University, and she has completed the Canadian Security Studies Program (CSSP) at the Canadian Forces College, and the Senior Executives in National and International Security (NIS) Program at Harvard University’s prestigious Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).


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