Meghna Bajpai

Digital Engagement Co-op, Engagement

Ontario Digital Service, Government of Ontario

Meghna ((May-Gha-Na) Bajpai (Baj-Pie) is a Digital Engagement professional with the Engagement Team at Ontario Digital Service. She is also a part of the Digital Training Team to help facilitate various virtual sessions within and outside the organization.

As a part of Ontario Digital Service, Meghna helps in storytelling to highlight various transitions within the organization and achievements of our teams. In addition to storytelling, she helps in setting up logistics and drafting communication plans for the Digital Training Team.

Meghna strongly advocates for mental health and has collaborated with the Wellness Team to organize meditation and yoga sessions every week for the folks at ODS. We work hard towards understanding the expectations of our people and how they are coping up with working from home and if there is any added stress to their day. These sessions help us all to connect with ourselves and give ourselves a break from screen meetings.


Regional Digital Government Summit (1:30pm-5pm)

06/11/2020 13.30 - 15.00

Regional Digital Government SummitChannel 2Summit

RDGS: The Next Generation of Public Service

Back for its second year, regional government leaders gather to tackle the unique challenges of municipal-, provincial-, and state-level public service. This year digital leaders from Ontario, State of California, British Columbia and the State of Georgia in partnership with non-profit Code for Canada have planned an afternoon that... read more