James Van Loon

Chief Data Officer

Health Canada

James Van Loon is Health Canada’s Chief Data Officer and also serves as the department’s Chief Scientific Data Officer. He has a passion for innovating programs and delivery from the ground up in cooperation with partners across government, nationally, and internationally. Most recently, James led efforts of Health Canada, the Public Health Agency, Public Services and Procurement Canada, Statistics Canada and other partners to create a dynamic model of pan-Canadian supply and demand on Personal Protective Equipment. As a Director General on the COVID-19 Task Force, James was instrumental in leading the development of analytic tools for the Critical Drug Reserve, as well as the Testing and Vaccine Secretariats. With over 20 years of experience in developing and managing federal regulatory programs, James is recognized as an action-oriented leader who has advanced key files at Health Canada and Environment Canada.


In 2021 the Institute on Governance launched a study in partnership with four Government of Canada departments to examine the role of Departmental Chief Data Officers – a relatively new position within the federal government. Through a series of interviews, surveys, and workshops the study explored how this increasingly critical role has been evolving, and the variety of efforts underway to... read more