FWD50 Extras: Strategic Foresight for More Resilient Public Sector Organizations

Ramy Nassar
Founder1000 Days Out
17-02-2022 10.00 - 11.30

FWD50 ExtrasOnlineWorkshop

It’s easier and more effective to think about emerging technology 10 years in the future than to consider its impact over the coming year. Counterintuitive? Absolutely! This is just one of the topics that we’ll unpack and explore during this interactive online workshop.

Participants in this hands-on program will walk away with:

    • A robust toolkit for thinking about what future operating environments can look like 5, 10, or even 15 years in the future
    • Methods and frameworks for building teams and organizations that are more resilient to changes in technology, user needs, or environmental factors
    • New ways of developing strategies that are robust, rather than hedging, in order to be more adaptable to different futures

Grounded in the field of strategic foresight, with a specific lens on emerging technology, this workshop is for anyone tasked with thinking about the longer term strategy and direction for their team, department, or organization.