Digital, resilience, and on-demand government

04/11/2020 11.05 - 11.25

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2020 has been a crucible for both government, and the platforms on which it relies. The public sector has shown it can react quickly, at scale, using tools that simply weren’t available a decade ago. By tackling health, policy, and the economy digitally, we’ve also created a roadmap for the future of government in a digital age. But where do we go from here?

Dr. Julia Glidden is no stranger to digital innovation. She ran the first publicly binding digital election, and in her role as Worldwide Public Sector CVP at Microsoft works closely with governments around the world to chart their digital transformation. Join Julia and FWD50 Chair Alistair Croll for a look at the lessons learned from 2020—and our newfound understanding of what’s possible.

Dr. Julia Glidden
Corporate Vice President Worldwide Public SectorMicrosoft
Alistair Croll
FounderSolve for Interesting