Diamonds in the rough: How the best leaders find and grow their successors

03/11/2020 10.55 - 11.25

Executive Track: Leadership (APEX)Channel 1Keynote

Organizations must have an active and effective succession planning and talent management process in place to help ensure that their organizations are well‐positioned for success in the future. Processes and practices in developing high potential employees for positions for which they have an interest and are well suited – is key to ensuring that the “right” employees are ready to assume the “right” role at the “right” time.

It is widely understood that Canada, along with many industrialized countries, has an aging population. This has many consequences for the labour force. This being said, faster-growing occupations which tend to attract a larger number of younger workers includes the technology sector, such as technical analysts and computer and information systems professionals.

There is also an increasing importance to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and to provide services to Canadians using diversity and inclusion lenses. The domain of technology innovation and the welfare of Canadians are closely linked, as many industries, especially the technology sector are male-dominated fields.

Therefore, it’s important for leaders and organizations to plan and take the necessary steps to identify highly competent people to lead their organizations into the future. To attract and retain talented people at all levels. To ensure that diversity and inclusion is factored in at all levels to reflect a growing and diverse workforce.

Sarah Paquet
Sarah Paquet
Executive Vice-PresidentShared Services Canada
Joanne Stanley
Executive Director, Women in Communications and Technology,and the organization responsible for the 2020 Dr. Roberta Bondar Career Development Program
Jasmine Shaw
Release Train Engineer on the Maritime Helicopter ProjectGeneral Dynamics Mission Systems Canada
Lisa Carroll
Canadian Public Sector LeadMicrosoft Canada