Sitting in the Fire: Working with Conflict in Digital Government

09/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

FWD50 in the MixChannel 5Breakout session

Conflict is natural and inevitable, and our discomfort around it is understandable and palpable. However, as we work in more diverse, multidisciplinary and self-managing teams, in a polarized world that is on fire, our ways of working call for a parallel expansion in how we engage with conflict.
In this talk, Andee Pittman and David Hatfield will illustrate the value of seeing conflict as an opportunity, and how that influences our objectives and experience within the process. They will provide a framework for conflict facilitation that comes from process-oriented psychology and will run an activity that will help you embody conflict through accessing existing personal resources.
We believe this awareness of conflict transformation can empower teams to build capacity to “sit in the fire”, to welcome the positives that conflict offers us, in order to improve relationships, change systems and lead transformation within their organization.

Andee Pittman
Human-centred Design LeadOffice of the Chief of Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat
David Hatfield
Leadership Consultant Process Facilitator