We’ll be announcing our program in detail shortly. Here’s an overview:


On November 7, join deep-dive workshops into critical topics like data science and AI, open data access, project streamlining, policy communications strategies, digital identity, and data governance.


On November 8 and 9, hear inspired keynotes from digital pioneers. Our lineup includes some of the world’s foremost thinkers on technology, government, and society.

Deep-dive breakouts

Also on November 8 and 9, we’ll run:

  • A 50 days track on what processes and practices we can improve immediately.
  • A 50 months track on what platforms we can build and deploy.
  • A 50 years track on the kind of society we want to create.
  • An Industry innovations track packed with practical lessons about technology products and services.


Networking formats including Circlesquare (on November 8), Ignite (after hours), and more.