FWD50 events span an entire week of digital government talks, meetups, workshops, and networking events. We’ll announce a detailed interactive calendar closer to the conference itself, but here’s a high-level overview for planning purposes.

High-level schedule

More Details

The week consists of a number of important events from our partners and others in the digital government space, as well as lunchtime breakouts within the venue we’ll be announcing in the coming months.

General Conference

Here’s what’s happening onsite for all attendees.

Keynotes | Nov. 4, 5, and 6

Our keynotes are short, 10-20 minute talks on policy, technology, and civil society. These happen on the main FWD50 stage. This year, we have keynotes November 4, 5, and 6.

Breakouts | Nov. 5 and 6

In addition to main-stage keynotes, we have two breakout tracks open to all attendees, where 40-minute talks offer a chance to dig into details and interact with speakers.

Workshops | Nov. 4, 5, and 6

Rather than run workshops on one day, as we did in the first years of the conference, we’re offering workshops throughout the event. These 90-minute or 3-hour sessions include participation, audience activities, and a chance to get your hands dirty with actual technology and real problems.

Fastforward | Nov. 4

The Fastforward track on November 4 is a series of short (30-minute) case studies and talks on digital government, disruption, and technology adoption that’s open to all attendees.

Industry Innovations | Nov. 5 and 6

FWD50 offers plenty of opportunities for the private sector to shine a light on innovation and technology trends.

This includes “fireside chat” interviews, as well as “industry innovation” breakout talks and workshops.

Community Events | Nov. 5 and 6

We make our session rooms available to community groups and partners—such as the Canadian Digital Service, Code for Canada, and OneTeamGov. These informal birds-of-a-feather events happen onsite during lunch breaks at FWD50; if you want to run an event, get in touch with us. Learn more about community events here.

Other event formats

In addition to the core workshops, keynotes, and breakouts above, we run a variety of other content and events throughout the week. Here’s a short list.

Circlesquare | Nov. 6

Back for its third year, this FWD50 original is interaction at scale, with hundreds of participants moving around the room, discussing the intersection of disruptive tech and government departments. It’s an incredible experience that’s hard to explain—so we wrote a post about it. You can learn more about Circlesquare here.

Executive track | Nov. 3, 4 and 5

New this year, the executive track is three days of content created specifically for senior leaders in government, with three dedicated days focused on leadership, global activity, and public/private collaboration. Learn more about this exciting new addition to FWD50.

Regional Digital Government Summit | Nov. 5

Back for its second year, regional government leaders gather to tackle the unique challenges of municipal-, provincial-, and state-level public service. In 2019, we collaborated with digital leaders from Ontario, Québec, British Columbia and the State of Georgia, and welcomed a dozen regional executives.

This content, programmed by the regional teams and open only to government employees, is a chance for these groups—many of whom seldom meet—to speak candidly and openly, share best practices, and collaborate on some of regional government’s hardest cultural, technical, and political challenges. You can learn more about Regional Digital Government Summit here.

Policy Ignite | Nov. 5

Once again, with the help of our friends at Policy Ignite, we open up our main stage on Thursday evening for a series of Ignite talks. These are 20-slide, 5-minute, auto-advancing talks that look at government, tech, culture, and society. FWD50 attendees can automatically attend with their conference pass. You can learn more about Policy Ignite here.

Digital Nations | Nov. 4

In 2020 we are also partnering with the Digital Nations to run content within FWD50 during this gathering of the world’s digital leaders. You can learn more about the Digital Nations here.