Community Events

For a week each November, FWD50 transforms Canada’s capital into a nexus of digital government. And while we run a wide range of events at the conference itself, we work with a number of partners on related events throughout the city and throughout the week.

Partner with us

We’d always hoped that FWD50 could serve as a “lightning rod” around which other groups can coalesce. The week that FWD50 happens, we have some high-powered infrastructure (in the form of the Aberdeen Pavillion and the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne park.) We also have an abundance of amazing speakers from around the world. And of course, we have the immense privilege of a Bully Pulpit. We take these things seriously.

Our goal is to give every stakeholder in digital government a platform and a place to gather. We make space available for free (or at cost if you require A/V technicians during their lunch break) and would love to include your group. If you’re part of a nonprofit or community group that wants to coordinate a meetup onsite for FWD50 attendees, let us know.

Want to run an event during Canada’s digital government week? Get in touch with us, partner with us.