Hillary Hartley

Chief Digital & Data Officer, Deputy Minister

Ontario Digital Service (Treasury Board Secretariat)

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Hillary Hartley is Ontario’s Chief Digital and Data Officer and Deputy Minister. As the head of the Ontario Digital Service, within the Treasury Board Secretariat, Hillary is responsible for leading the government’s digital transformation efforts and the administration of the Simpler, Faster, Better Services Act to deliver simpler, more easily accessible services for the people, communities and businesses of Ontario.
Hillary joined the provincial government in April 2017 as Deputy Minister Responsible for Digital Government. She also served as Deputy Minister of Consumer Services, where she led the government’s retail services operation (ServiceOntario), and programs focused on consumer protection.
Previously, Hillary was the Deputy Executive Director of 18F, a digital services agency in the U.S. federal government, and was a Presidential Innovation Fellow in 2013. She has worked with governments, across jurisdictions, for more than twenty years, serving as a director at NIC Inc., an organization that helps governments deliver programs and services online.


Sommet régional du gouvernement numérique (13h30 à 17h)

06/11/2020 13.30 - 15.00

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SRGN : La prochaine génération de la fonction publique

Pour la deuxième année consécutive, les dirigeants des gouvernements régionaux se réunissent pour discuter des défis uniques de la fonction publique au niveau municipal, provincial et étatique. Cette année, les dirigeants du numérique de l’Ontario, de l’État de Californie, de la Colombie-Britannique... read more

What can I do? Authentic leadership to create inclusive spaces for BlPOCQ.

06/11/2020 14.15 - 14.55

FWD50 dans le mixChaîne 5Conférence

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We’ve all seen empty statements about diversity and inclusion. We all claim to be anti-racists, but things aren’t changing, why aren’t BIPOCQ candidates applying to our jobs, why aren’t they staying in our organizations? Why aren’t they rising up to leadership positions?

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